pearl of Crimea

     Horseback riding in the Crimea is a great emotional charge. An hour or two riding on the background of beautiful landscapes of the Crimean nature and beautiful mountains – and mental fatigue after the urban tension as it never happened.
We go for easy rides to the picturesque beauty of the almost untouched by civilization Eastern part of the Crimea - to the valley of the Biyuk-Karasu river, to the oak forests and overgrown with fragrant herbs mountain slopes, to the refreshing waterfalls and ruins of ancient monasteries.
Our horseback riding will begin on the first day of the tour and will be held under the supervision of a vigilant instructor.



  • 6 DAYS / 5 NIGHTS;

  • Comfortable house;

  • Suitable for both beginners and professionals;

  • Sea;

  • You will see all the beauty of Crimea;

  • Russian bathhouse;

  • During the tour you will be accompanied by an interpreter.


  • Beginner

  • Intermediate

  • Advanced

Аccommodation:  6 days - comfortable accommodation in a country house 

Horse riding:  2 - 5 hours for 6 days

Food: Delicious homemade meals cooked with much love

Spoken languages: English, Russian

Tour start dates: March to December: 01, 15

Tour includes: 

  • transfer from Moscow to base by plane and car,

  • transfer from base to Moscow airport by car and plane,

  • medical insurance,

  • accommodation;

  • 3 daily meals;

  • horses and equestrian equipment,

  • Instructor's work,

  • excursion to waterfalls.

 Price: $940 or 870 euro or 770 pounds


     0 day - Arrival in Moscow - departure to Simferopol - transfer from Simferopol to the base.


     1st day - We are placed in comfortable houses and get acquainted with horses. Here are their dozen-year-old dark-gray Dolls to dark-brown important Beads. We go through our first instruction, learn how to care for horses and make the first familiarization trip on horseback.

     2nd day - We have Breakfast and feed the horses, and then go on horseback along the route "Dry oak". The duration of the walk is about 2 hours.

The trail goes through a beautiful forest, down into small canyons and ends at the edge with an old dry oak – the old-timer of these places. From the glade turn to a clean source, and then to the former possession of the landowner Kuturma - to the hazelnut grove, which in the fall in these places collect all-and locals and wild boars.

A little more – and we will pass two large forest glades, summer covered with wild herbs, daisies and cornflowers. Still, a little way and we will be based, should get off the horse, will have lunch and, if there are forces on foot walk around the neighborhood.

    3rd day - Horse trip to the Blue stone.

The duration of the walk is about 5 hours, including 1 hour at a halt.

A sharp Blue stone or Kok-Tash, as if crashing into the sky and painted at dawn in blue, from a distance it seems absolutely impregnable, but our path will take place on a gentle trail going through the cool oak forest on the North side.

Two hours of ascent-and we are at an altitude of 805 meters above sea level. We hurry and admire the surroundings: in the West there are two mighty mountain teeth-the "guards" of the pass Colliston, behind them you can see the picturesque top of Kara-Tepe, and below, right below us – glitters in the valley of the river Kuchuk-Karasu and the blue mirror of the Khmelevsky reservoir.

Far to the South-West stands a huge rocky mountain of Sori (sugar head), and with good visibility – a blue strip of the sea.

We organize a picnic among the endless picturesque landscapes, we are supported by water from the cleanest spring and have a rest. Ahead-the way back to the base and dinner.

     4th day - On this day we not only ride on horseback but on foot we will walk to Cheremisovs waterfalls along the canyon and Kok-Asanas. Duration-about 5 hours, including a 2-hour walk.

The road to the waterfalls leads through the forest, crosses the village, turns to the Bank of the river Kucuk Karasu, winds past the beautiful orchards at the foot of the rock Blue stone and finally leads to the canyon Kok-Asan.

Dismount, leave the horse trainer, and along the shady canyon trail, through a beautiful beech forest and a gorge rocky gorge at the bottom of which runs a clear water go to low Cheremisovs waterfalls in the rocky banks of the river Kuchuk-Karasu.

No waterfall here is like another, and the most beautiful one that flows into the font of youth. If the weather allows, we swim in a fairly large and filled with pure spring cool water font and go further – in the narrowest part of the gorge.

The walls of the gorge are very close to each other, it becomes gloomy, but the road along the riverbed, from stone to stone, leads to a waterfall "Gorge", which forms another "bath of youth".

Here you can get to the crest of the waterfall by a specially equipped lift to admire the fast water that breaks through the road and see the ferns bravely clinging to the steep cliffs.

Behind the next rise you can see the Grand cascade, and at the very top – the sea shining in the distance.

We return to the horses and, on a short road, we jump to the base.

     5th day - After feeding the horses, we go to the ruins of the Armenian monastery. The duration is about 5 hours, including a one-hour halt.

Leisurely step, admiring the surrounding nature, we are riding through the forest, beautiful glades and edges with flowering bushes of thorns and hawthorn, wild apples and pears. Ahead is a village Cheremysivka, beautiful Gorlinsky reservoir, and our goal today is the village Zemlyanichnoe.

We come to the Holy place, to the ruins of an ancient Armenian monastery of 14-15 century, located on the site of the ancient village of Ortalan, founded once by the descendants of the Scythians.

We have lunch, collect water from the local spring and return to the base on horseback.

       6th day - After Breakfast, we say goodbye to the horses and return to Simferopol. Departure to Moscow.   

Horse tours around the most mysterious country in the world -  Russia

Get ready

for the adventure...

Horse tours around the most mysterious country in the world -  Russia

Get ready

for the adventure...

Horse tours around the most mysterious country in the world -  Russia

Get ready

for the adventure...

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