On the edge of earth

      Break away from civilization for 10 days, take a break from everyday routine and city bustle. Leave your problems down there and come to the mountains on a horse tour to the foot of Elbrus! Your four-legged friend is already in the stable waiting for you! Alpine horse riding to the foot of the highest mountain in Europe! A mountain path, clean air filled with the smells of Alpine herbs, the sky that is closer to you, a faithful horse and youthful enthusiasm! You'll get it all here! Horse tour passes from the tour of the complex through Bergamasque plateau (2350 m) and the mountain gorge to the former governmental summer residences. Good luck to you cowboy! We are waiting for you!



  • 10 DAYS / 9 NIGHTS;

  • The base is located in one of the most beautiful places of the Caucasus, you can enjoy a cup of coffee or homemade mulled wine watching the waterfall;

  • After a day transition on horseback, you will be at the base located in the gorge near Mount Elbrus. Here, even time itself flows differently;

  • You will swim in healing hot springs, visit a cave with a blue lake, off-road ride by Jeep, rise on the cable car to the mountains of the Caucasian range, where you can taste delicious barbecue from Karachai lamb and other national dishes of the Caucasus or rafting along a mountain river on an inflatable boat;

  • You will visit the bazaar with products of natural fur and wool, souvenirs and natural herbs;

  • 6 days of horseback riding with a return to the base and an overnight stay in the cozy rooms of the guest house in wild places, including an excursion to the primeval man's habitat, and 3 days of horse riding to the incredible pristine beauty of nature with spending the night in tents and sitting around the fire;

  • During the tour, you will be accompanied by an interpreter.


  • Intermediate

  • Advanced

Аccommodation:  8 days - comfortable accommodation in a country house and 2 days - overnight in hunting house

Horse riding:  2 - 5 hours for 8 days

Food: Delicious homemade meals cooked with much love

Spoken languages: English, Russian

Tour start dates: 1st and 15th of each month. Available all year. 

Tour includes: 

  • transfer from Moscow to base by plane and car,

  • transfer from base to Moscow airport by car and plane,

  • medical insurance,

  • accommodation;

  • 3 daily meals;

  • horses and equestrian equipment,

  • Instructor's work,

  • visit Dombai and climb the cable car to the mountains,

  • a visit to the hot springs,

  • walk in Pyatigorsk and visit the cave.

 Price: $1370 or 1270 euro or 1120 pounds


     0 day - Arrival in Moscow - departure to Mineralnie Vodi - transfer from Mineralnie Vodi to the base.


     1st day - Accommodation at the camp site. Safety instructions. Acquaintance with horses and walk around the camp site (15 km, 2.5 hours). Dinner on the occasion of arrival by the fireplace.

     2nd day - Horse riding in "Kon-Khutor" (25 km, 5 hours). We get used to the saddle before going.

    3rd day - Early rise. Breakfast. Horse riding to the hunting Lodge in Khasaut gorge (15 km). Supper

    4th day - Rise (7 o'clock in the morning). Horse riding to the foot of mount Elbrus (35 km). Lunch. 2-3 hours rest, return to the hunting Lodge in Khasaut gorge.

    5th day - Rise (7 o'clock in the morning). Hike to plateau Bermant (2300 meters above sea level.m.). Lunch, rest, return to the hunting Lodge.

     6th day - Horses resting. For people - radial walks, swimming, sunbathing, picking berries and mushrooms.

      7th day - Rise 8 a.m., Breakfast. Return on horseback to the camp site.

      8th day - Radial trips on the ground. A trip to the thermal springs. Walk in Pyatigorsk.

      9 th day - A trip by car to the mountain resort "Dombay". Climb to the top of the mountain. Visit to cafes and restaurants on the top of the mountain. Gift shop. Return to base.

       10 th day - Transfer to airport Mineralnie Vodi. Departure to Moscow.

Upon arrival in Moscow, We will meet you and accompany you to the place where you will need.


Horse tours around the most mysterious country in the world -  Russia

Get ready

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Horse tours around the most mysterious country in the world -  Russia
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