World conquered by horses

 Now you don't have to go through the agony of choosing between the interesting and unknown - bring you unusual combined tour "Will take you to the fairytale – horse and husky".

 Your journey will begin at the horse base, located in the village of Mikhailovskoye, where you will meet one of the most noble animals – a horse. Experienced instructors will teach you the basics of riding. You will take a few horseback riding trips and will be able to admire not only the snow-covered fields, but also to see from a height the famous Galician lake, drive through the ancient villages of the ancient Galician Principality.

 The end of the equestrian part of the program will be an excursion to the city of Galich, followed by a move to the center of riding sports "Northern Hope", located near the city with the wonderful name of Neya.

 You will get acquainted with dogs breed husky and Malamute, interesting workshops and fun games in the fresh air. Sparkling snow and endless expanses will help you feel like a hero of Jack London books: you will learn how to confidently control the sled and get a unique opportunity to become a real cabin (dog sled driver), driving his first track on their own.



  • 5 DAYS / 4 NIGHTS;

  • Radial walks on horses;

  • Dog sledding trips;

  • This tour is ideal for beginners with no riding experience and lovers of hikes and unity with nature, as the horses move only in steps;

  • Trot and canter according to your desire;

  • Many Russian villages and lakes;

  • Archery;

  • During the tour you will be accompanied by an interpreter;


  • Beginner

  • Intermediate

  • Advanced

Аccommodation:  5 days - comfortable accommodation in a country house

Horse riding:  2 - 3 hours for 3 days

Food: Delicious homemade meals cooked with much love

Spoken languages: English, Russian

Tour start dates: From November to March

Tour includes: 

  • transfer from Moscow to base by train and car,

  • transfer from base to Moscow airport by car and train,

  • medical insurance,

  • accommodation;

  • 3 daily meals;

  • horses and equestrian equipment,

  • Instructor's work,

  • excursion to Galich.

 Price: $750 or 700 euro or 610 pounds 

     0 day - Arrival in Moscow – transfer to Galich - transfer from Galich to the base.


     1st day - Accommodation in a cozy guest house. 9-00 Breakfast. Safety instruction, acquaintance with instructors. Excursion to the stables. Check out on the horse trail to the first trial walk at the snowy surroundings, climb to a high point overlooking the Galich lake. Lunch. Rural working hours. Rest. Supper.

     2nd day - Breakfast. Horse riding routes to places of forgotten villages and lonely churches. In the evening bath with a broom. Evening rest – Billiards, contests, conversations in Russian stoves.

     3rd day - Breakfast. Horseback riding on the outskirts of the settlement Galich. Lunch. Excursion to the Museum of local Lore (Galich) - history, life and traditions of the Galich Principality photography and video shooting. Departure in the Sydney area in the kennel of sled dogs 110 km on the highway Visit to the red deer kennel.

Arrival at the base TSES "North Hope". Afternoon snack. Interactive introduction to the world of sledding. Supper. View a thematic movie on the big screen.

     4th day - Breakfast. Excursion to the aviary, familiarity with the husky and Malamute Walk to the river with the dogs. Lunch. Instruction on the technique of sled management. Sledding "StartUp" (distance 3 km). Afternoon snack. Master-class on making of Souvenirs. Supper.

        5th day - Breakfast. Riding the 1st group on the team "LevelUp" (distance 10 km)/walk with dogs/have free time. Lunch. Riding the 2nd group on the team "LevelUp" (distance 10 km)/walk with dogs/have free time. Afternoon snack Communication with husky in the aviary/free time / Board games. Supper. Departure to Moscow.        

Horse tours around the most mysterious country in the world -  Russia

Get ready

for the adventure...

Horse tours around the most mysterious country in the world -  Russia

Get ready

for the adventure...

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