Vast steppes of Samara

  In Zhigulevskaya maze You can explore the most interesting places of Samarskaya Luka, on horseback to pass on the "Flat Mountains" to visit the mysterious Karakaska the woods, go to "Shiryaevsky Ravine", which is not a ravine, a valley. We will visit the Encoder and the Truck, but most importantly, in 5 Hiking days, You will find this four-legged friend, Your Hiking horse.



  • 5 DAYS / 4 NIGHTS;

  • In the tour, you will spend 5 days in the campaign. Dinner around the campfire;

  • The tour is suitable for both novice riders and professionals;

  • Many old Russian villages along the route;

  • Forest-steppe and steppes of the Russian plain;

  • Swimming on horseback;

  • During the tour you will be accompanied by an interpreter;


  • Beginner

  • Intermediate

  • Advanced

Аccommodation:  5 days - comfortable accommodation in a country house 

Horse riding:  2 - 4 hours for 5 days

Food: Delicious homemade meals cooked with much love

Spoken languages: English, Russian

Tour includes: 

  • transfer from Moscow to base by plane and car,

  • transfer from base to Moscow airport by car and plane,

  • medical insurance,

  • accommodation;

  • 3 daily meals;

  • horses and equestrian equipment,

  • Instructor's work.

 Price: $780 or 730 euro or 640 pounds

     0 day - Arrival in Moscow - departure to Samara - transfer from Samara to the base.


     1st day - The first day of travel requires overcoming 26 km away and the Group departs from the stable yard to the South. Two-hour ride involves the perception of beautiful forest-steppe valleys on the rocky plain. A certain difficulty is for beginners overcome Zhukov ravine. Tourists in the lower part of the ravine need to hurry. This place can be dangerous only in heavy rain, when the hooves of horses slide on the slopes of the ravine.

 After 16 km tourists come to the village of Greater Ryazan and pass it through the streets. Two km South of the village is the shelter "Ryazan". A short break, and at lunch, tourists learn about Zhigulevskaya Outlaws and dashing ataman Stepan Razin. Further, the route involves a visit to the cave of Stepan Razin, where according to legend, the leader of the robbers rode on horseback. Here the group is located for the night in tents. In bad weather, overnight can be transferred to a guest house in the village of Brusyany.

     2nd day - Most of the second day's travel is not difficult. The path runs through the forest-steppe in close proximity to the Volga expanses, endless floodplain on the opposite Bank of the Volga. The relief allows you to observe the distance in 50 or more kilometers. Come across the village of Koltsovo, Mordovo, ermakovo, the last named, according to legend by the name of the famous conqueror of Siberia.

After passing a very enjoyable Cherkasskogo forest, the group stopped for lunch in the village of Karmaly. After the rest, after passing the tract Akhtuba Askalski and picturesque ravine, the group approaches the village Osinovka, which has preserved the most ancient on the Samarskaya Luka, the Church of St. Nicholas.

A little more, and the place of overnight stay-Ryabtsevo tract Field, where tourists can buy plenty of horses .

     3rd day - Horses and tourists a much-needed rest. For those who wish to be organized walking to the Chapel of Alexei Nikolaevich Lupov on, where the instructor will conduct a tour and talk about the Russian officer, gunner, participant of the Russian-Japanese war, inventor and photographer.

     4th day - The first half of the journey takes you through Caracausi forest, the largest and most mysterious forest on the Samarskaya Luka, then 2 difficult ravines, where you may have to take the horses for rein.

Another 7 kilometers and go to the place of overnight, to the most mysterious village of Samarskaya Luka – Sharks.

Camp, relax. While preparing dinner, tourists listen to the terrible stories of ascul from the mouth of the instructor. It is here that inhabit Shishiga, this local forest of evil, but should not be afraid, equestrian tourists, they are very respected.

     5th day - Ascoli from the village road to the finish line runs along the old post road. The path length is 31 km away. the Stories of the instructor on a well maintained once the tract tourists seem bright omen.

Tourists pass the village Sosnovyy Solonets, trees and an ancient Bulgarian settlement "Murom small town".

Still quite a bit and equestrian journey ends on base club even tourism "Steppe Field."

Farewell to horses, guides and tourists.

Transfer to Samara airport. Departure to Moscow.


Upon arrival in Moscow, We will meet you and accompany you to the place where you will need.



Horse tours around the most mysterious country in the world -  Russia

Get ready

for the adventure...

Horse tours around the most mysterious country in the world -  Russia

Get ready

for the adventure...

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