Untouched nature of the Urals

Break away from civilization and visit the wonderful region of Russia - the Urals. Untouched nature, clean air, unruly animals - all this will amaze you in a five-day trip to the outskirts of the Urals. Ahead you will find a lot of interesting and informative. Enjoy the harmony of this magnificent region.



  • 5 DAYS / 4 NIGHTS;

  • The descent down the river on a catamaran;

  • Bike ride;

  • Russian bathhouse with fir oil and birch brooms;

  • Fishing;

  • Mountains 1700m.;

  • Untouched nature, clean air;

  • This tour is ideal for both beginners and experienced riders;

  • During the tour, you will be accompanied by an interpreter;


  • Beginner

  • Intermediate

Аccommodation:  5 days - comfortable accommodation in a country house 

Horse riding:  2 - 4 hours for 5 days

Food: We offer our guests home-cooked meals. Our chefs prepare dishes of Russian and Bashkir cuisine. You will fall in love with fresh pastries, pancakes, baursaks, and pies. We take into account vegetarian food.

Spoken languages: English, Russian

Tour start dates: April to November: 01, 10, 20

Available all year

Tour includes: 

  • transfer from Moscow to base by plane and car,

  • transfer from base to Moscow airport by car and plane,

  • medical insurance,

  • accommodation;

  • 3 daily meals;

  • horses and equestrian equipment,

  • Instructor's work,

 Price: $940 or 870 euro or 760 pounds

    0 day - Arrival in Moscow - departure to Ufa - transfer from Ufa to the base.


     1st day - 9: 00 Breakfast.

10.30 -12.00 horse riding training And horseback riding on lake Galamit and on the woods.

Lunch at base.

16.00 - 18.00 bike trip on the rock river near the mountains Gold Bumps.

Dinner at base.

Volleyball tournament. Friends dinner.

     2nd day - 9:00  Breakfast. 

10.00 - 17.00 a walk on the mountain Crimson 1152 m

At the top of the observation deck, there is a snack.

Return to base. Lunch

Bath with fir oil and birch brooms. Massage training. Hookah night.

    3rd day - Breakfast. 10.00-18.00 Rafting on the White river on a catamaran. Swimming in the river, fishing. Lunch on the river. Transfer to Belaya river (20 km) and back. Dinner at base. Movies by the fireplace. The game "Mafia".

    4th day - Breakfast. 10.00-18.00 Horse riding on the mountain Yalangas 1297 m. Climbing the rocks. A panorama view of the mountains Iremel 1589 m , Yamantau 1640 m, Inzerskiy of Zubchatki 1161 m , Malinovaya 1152 M. Photos from the height of bird flight. Snack on the meadow under the top. Supper. In the evening bathhouse with swimming in the mountain river. For those who wish - massage with honey and ground cereals. View photos from the tour.

    5th day - Breakfast. 9.00 - 13.00 Trip to Abzakovo. Climb to the top of the mountain on a chairlift, a panorama of the Ural mountains. 14.00-18.00 Horse ride to Katayka village. Lunch at base. Transfer to Ufa. Departure to Moscow.


Upon arrival in Moscow, We will meet you and accompany you to the place where you will need.


Horse tours around the most mysterious country in the world -  Russia

Get ready

for the adventure...

Horse tours around the most mysterious country in the world -  Russia

Get ready

for the adventure...

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